Make your band known worldwide!

Radio Sylvia has regular listeners on all continents. Our listeners are always open to new music and have great interest in innovative bands beyond the mainstream. Therefore Radio Sylvia is the ideal platform to make interesting bands known internationally.

If your music matches our format, you can send us your tracks via e-mail, provide a download link or send a CD to our P.O. box address. Now there are two options:

Option 1

Your tracks will be played randomly and rather rarely at unspecified times. This offer is free of charge.

Option 2

If you want to be promoted by us, we have very cost-effective offers for you ("Single of the Week", "Spotlight Band", playing tracks at fixed times with announcements etc.). Please ask for our detailed band promotion brochure.

Below you see a selection of the bands that have contacted us so far and are now being played on Radio Sylvia. By clicking on a banner, you will get to the homepage of the band.

Dr. Huntz Honeymoon Disease W.A.S.P. Roughies Audiotopsy Azro Cady Order Of Israfel Burn Alunah Steak Striker Crimson Shadows Grave Digger Lonely Kamel Lärmatron Underclass UK Year Of The Goat Flying Skull Vintersorg Provisorios Diabulus In Musica eXtensive Clueless Ruler NIKKI John Garcia Acromion Avondale45 Delain Cyring HATEdotCOM Misconduct Hammerforce Turbostaat Laced In Lust Scanner Surefire Sinride Boneyard Bastards Kunstbanausen Katya Dirty Lips Suppliers Tridon Hollywood Red Dweller-X Fate Strikes Twice Back With Darkness Memory FX Improved Gods Hells Heaven Moovalya Kamikaze Kings Headons 2nd Life Be Driven Sexy Heroes Southern Lush Vajra Arms To Amen D-Cent Jerks Das Fisch The Legendary Beers Arkayic Revolt Razorking Rude Tiger Farewell To Arms Emina Roadstuff Martiria Miramar Quickbourn Rewahl :: SECRETUM :: MANAGEMENT sKILLS > OUT NOW Sterbt


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